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Family mediation

Communication in a family can be tricky. There are cross-generational biases, misunderstandings and high emotion that can lead to abandoning communication all together. Mediation gives each family member a safe space, here his or her thoughts can be heard. Together, we can work towards agreements that the whole family can get behind, and lay the ground work for healthy communication when issues come up in the future.

Divorce mediation

Divorce is a painful process which the courts make harder with slow processing times. As an alternative, mediation gives you the power to name your own terms, and reach an agreement that settles the divorce in a timely fashion. What could take years in court, could take less than a month in mediation. And if mediation does not work out, you can always proceed with the court process. You have got nothing to loose, and everything to gain in trying mediation to work out your differences, and end the headache of divorce as quickly as possible.

Civil mediation

Everything from small claims to contract disputes to personal injury and workers compensation is addressed within the world of civil mediation. Often, there is an ocean of paperwork to swim thru before you even get to court. WE can help you settle your dispute in a way that is agreeable both to you and the other part, and then help submit it to the judge. If the mediation does not work out, you can always continue into court and let the judge decide the matter. Really, there is nothing to loose in trying to mediate your claim first. You may get a much better deal than what the judge would give you.

Business mediation

When running your own business, mediation is a vital tool for your human relations team. Whether it be an internal disagreement, poor employee performance or contract disputes with other businesses, mediation is the quick and affordable way to resolve the issue with a minimum of bad feelings and publicity.

about mark

With advanced certifications in civil, family and business mediation, Mark has over 8 years of experience helping people find a resolution to their conflicts. To learn about Mark's education and experience, click the link below.

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about mediation

Mediation is an affordable and timely way to resolve the dispute in your life. Whether you are facing a painful divorce, a business conflict or a family issue, mediation can help. Click the link below to see how to start.

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